Environment Month


Theme: “Think. Eat. Save.”

(June 28, 2013 – Culmination Day)


Mechanics for Photography

Photography Contest

  1. Each classroom is entitled to have at least three (3) participants.
  2. Each participant should submit one entry only.
  3. The theme should be the theme of the Environment Month celebration – “Think. Eat. Save.”
  4. Photos must be taken during the competition period, and should not have won nor have been published in any book or magazine.
  5. Participants may use any digital or film-based camera.
  6. Judges decision is final and binding.

Criteria for Judging:

Relevance to the theme 35%
Technicality 30%
Concept and Value 35%
Total 100%


Mechanics for Essay Writing Contest

  1. Each classroom should have one participant only.
  2. Contestants will write a 3-4 paragraph essay on the theme “Think. Eat. Save.”
  3. English will be used as medium.
  4. Contestants must observe proper margin, punctuation marks and neatness.
  5. Contestants are not allowed to go outside the venue during the contest.
  6. Allotted time for writing is 2 hours.
  7. Judges decision is final and binding.

Criteria for Judging:

Content 35%
Technicalities of Writing 30%
Relevance to the Theme 35%
Total 100%


Mechanics for 3R’s

  1. Each classroom is entitled to have at least 5 participants to compose a team.
  2. Each team should submit one entry only.
  3. Teams must make their output inside the campus on the actual date (June 27, 2013/Thursday). Ready –made output is deemed disqualified.
  4. Teams must adhere on the principle of 3R’s (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce) in creating their own product.
  5. Presentation of products is on June 28, Culmination Day.


Resourcefulness/Innovativeness 30%
Originality and Creativity 30%
Environment-friendly Purpose 40%
Total 100%





Smart Talking Contest




1. The topic shall be given on the spot.

2. The contestants shall be given 2 minutes to prepare and 3 minutes to deliver.

3. Speeches should be delivered in English.

4.  The style of the delivery shall be conversational, oratorical or a combination of both.

5. The contestant should wear his/her school uniform.

6. The judges’ decision is final and irrevocable.



Content, Clarity and Organization 40%
Delivery 20%
Pronunciation, Enunciation, Diction 20%
Stage presence (eye contact, poise, personality) 20%
Total 100%




Quiz Bee

(Environmental Issues and Awareness)




1. Each classroom is entitled to have three contestants to compose a team who are bonafide  students of the school.

3. Contestants will answer the same set of questions. Each team will be provided with an illustration

board to write their answers on together with a chalk and an eraser. They must raise their answers

when the Quizmaster tells that time is up. Late answers will not be accepted.

4. The questions will be read twice by the Quizmaster. After the second reading, the Quizmaster will

say “go” – only then will the team be allowed to write the answer. Automatically, the time will begin.  The 5-second time limit will be given during the True or False and multiple choice rounds and a 10-second time limit in the Identification round.

5. When the Quizmaster signals that time is up, the teams should stop writing and raise their

illustration boards with their answers written on it.

6. The consultants  will go around and check the answers of the teams. There will be three consultants to ensure correctness of the answer.

7. The contest has three (3) rounds – True or False, Multiple Choice and Identification rounds. There will be 10 questions to be asked. True or False and Multiple choice rounds are worth one (1) point while Identification round is worth 2 points.

9. After the last question, the three (3) teams acquiring the highest score in True or False, Multiple Choice and Identification round will be declared Champion, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up respectively. Should there be a tie, extra questions will be asked by the quizmaster in order to break such.


Contest Dates and Venues




Person-in charge


June 25/School campus/9:30am

Sir Billy

Essay Writing Contest

June 26/Computer Room/10:00am

Teacher Ivy


June 27/ TLE Room/2pm

Teacher Merlin/Teacher Wen

Smart Talking Contest

June 28/SPC Hall/1pm

Teacher Rose

Quiz Bee Contest

June 28/SPC Hall/1pm

Sir Ryan



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